ProGlass One™

Radiopaque Glass Ionomer Luting Cement

ProGlass™ One chemically bonds to tooth structure & metal providing excellent strength and marginal integrity for long term restorations. 
ProGlass™ One is designed for final cementation of metal inlays, onlays, posts and orthodontic brackets

ProGlass Silver™

ProGlass™ Silver - Silver Reinforced Glass Ionomer Cement

ProGlass™ Silver is a mercury free fluoride releasing silver restorative.Designed to offer strong abrasion resistance, ProGlass™ Silver offers a unique blend of spherical silver-tin alloy with glass ionomer, providing an ultimate balance between working and setting time. ProGlass™ Silver is ideal for lasting core build-ups, block-outs and repair and can also be used in cases where radiopacity is required.


Light Cure, Glass Ionomer Liner/Base

ProBase™ is a reinforced glass-ionomer cement that is designed for use as a luting/lining cement. 
ProBase™ is the perfect liner/base solution to help protect dentin.

ProGlass Plus™

Resin Reinforced Glass Ionomer cement

ProGlass Plus™, a resin modified glass ionomer luting cement, bonds chemically and mechanically to tooth structure and to all types of core material. 
ProGlass Plus™ is designed for final cementation of metal, porcelain-fused-to-metal and metal free crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays.

ProGlass Two LC

Light Cure Glass Ionomer Cement

ProGlass Two™ is light cured reinforced glass-ionomer cements designed for the adhesive restoration of teeth. It features visible light curing for ease of operation.

ProGlass™ Nine

Radiopaque Packable Glass Ionomer Cement

ProGlass™ Nine is an esthetic, condensable classical glass-ionomer restorative cement. 
ProGlass™ Nine has high fluoride release which minimizes the need for undercuts. 
The high translucency of ProGlass™ Nine ensures use in anterior restorations without compromising aesthetics.