ProSep™ NEW

Separating Agent

ProSep is a latex solution to be used as a separating agent, when implementing the ProVeneer technique. The thin film formed when applying a cote of ProSep will create a space between the tooth and the Preview Veneer making removal of the Preview Veneer easier prior to cementation.
Because it peels off easily, the use of ProSep will have no affect on the properties of ProVeneer.

ProFil Finishing Kit

ProFil Finishing Kit NEW

6 Autoclavable finishing burs

ProFil finishing kit is an esthetic restoration finishing method featuring morphological quality & fast restoration ability.
The set is designed to make the tough task of composite finishing significantly simpler, shorter and more efficient while
giving excellent clinical results.


ProEtch 37% Phosphoric acid

Dentin/Enamel Etch Gel

PEconomy Kit
Contents: 4 x 1.2ml syringes + Delivery tips
Jumbo pack: 1 x 60gr
Box of 24 syringes x 1.2ml

followed by hardening of the plaster filler. ProFil Temp is available in standard and high viscosity versions.

ProFil™ Temp

ProFil™ Temp - Temporary cavity filling material

ProFil™ Temp - Temporary cavity filling material

ProFil Temp is a ready to use temporary filling material with a synthetic resin base and plaster filler, providing an impermeable seal. ProFil Temp features a two stage setting mechanism providing a rapid initial set followed by hardening of the plaster filler. ProFil Temp is available in standard and high viscosity versions.



Unique Dermatology Hand Cream

ProdermaDent™ is explicitly formulated for the relief of dry hands caused by frequent use of latex gloves. 
ProdermaDent was developed in collaboration with Dead Sea Laboratories who are known for their AHAVA skin care line widely marketed in N. America, Europe, S. America and Asia


SecuraLight™ - LED Light Cure Device


SecuraLight™ LED light cure is designed for polymerization of dental composites and restorative materials containing Camphorquinone (CQ) Photoinitiators. 
Combining advanced technology and stylish appearance, this slim light cure is ergonomically designed for user’s comfort and flexibility.



SECURAMAT is a universal mixer for Amalgam, Glass Ionomer, cements and other predosed materials. SECURAMAT enables customized trituration-time availability and is ISO 9002 and ISO 13488 quality-management certified.



SecurApplier is a glass ionomer capsule applier, compatible for use with all encapsulated Glass lonomer products. Use SecurApplier to pre-activate the capsule and dispense the mixedmaterial from capsule directly to the designated surface. The applier is ergonomically designed to facilitate easy dispensing of the mixed materials.