Silmet Ltd. is a family-owned company founded in 1967. We develop, manufacture, and market a broad range of consumable dental restorative materials. Our product line includes Composites, Amalgam alloys, Bonding agents, Glass Ionomers, and Self-Adhesive Resin Cements.

Silmet’s composites range includes: Universal Micro Hybrid materials featuring Non-Sticky Formula, Flowable composites with low viscosity, Dual cured Bulk Fill composite, Self-Adhesive flowable for pediatrics.

Silmet’s family of Glass Ionomer cement is based on leading-edge technology and is available in both powder/liquid kits of various sizes and in our amalgamator-friendly GI capsule. Silmet is one of the few companies with a patented GIC capsule and offers filling services to other manufacturers who utilize this capsule.

The range of our amalgam alloys includes Spherical / Lathe Cut with 40%-70% silver contents.

Our specialty in designing and manufacturing resin materials for restorative dentistry, with a track record of over 40 years, Led us to develop ProVeneer. This is a unique system for creating in-office, lab-free lifelike veneers in less than 15 minutes. This new approach in cosmetic dentistry offers a solution to a wide range of dental flaws. It is a cost-effective solution that makes treatment accessible to all audiences. With the Patented Smile Preview Technique, patients can view the actual appearance before committing to the result.

Silmet's strength lies in our commitment to extensive R&D combined with the use of cutting-edge technology in the dental industry.

At IDS 2023 Silmet introduced a full range of advanced self-adhesive cements featuring the latest monomer used in Dentistry (GPDM & MDP).

Our manufacturing site is designed for mass production and equipped with advanced automatic machinery and monitoring systems to guarantee the supply of high-quality products.  

With a proven track of excellent clinical performance, our products are available in the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

Silmet is certified for ISO 13485:2016 CE, MDSAP, and FDA and we can provide innovative dental solutions for Private labels, OEMs, and Co-Branding.

Our Εuropean (ΕU) Representative is: Obelis s.a. Tel: +(32) 2. 732.59.54, E-Mail: mail@obelis.net

Silmet's products are custom tailored to suit our client's specifications and we make special provisions to ensure that strict confidentiality is maintained.

Silmet Business Strategy

Based on our global sales experience with ProLine products, we wish to introduce our marketing strategy to be implemented by ProLine Exclusive distributors.


Private Label Services

Silmet is nowadays a business to business (B2B) supplier and considered a preferred restorative material source for Private Label and OEM services by many dental manufacturers. As a private label partner, Silmet specializes in the development and production of high quality dental restorative materials.


ProLine Range

The company specializes in the manufacturing of restorative materials for daily Dental procedures. We are one of the few companies with a wide range of restorative materials and many delivery system options. We constantly search and research for products that meet the highest standards of quality and the most effective results. Silmets home brand- Proline includes filling materials, adhesives, dental cement, etchants, and more. The most recent addition to our product family is the line of self-adhesive resin cement that enables ease of use with superior bonding capabilities, thanks to using advanced monomers like MDP.