ProSilver, Box of 50 Capsules
ProSilver, Box of 50 Capsules


High Silver

ProSilver® Amalgam Alloy

68% Silver , homogenized dispersed spherical particles
ProSilver® has a high content of Silver & Copper evenly dispersed 
The average composition of powders are within range of traditional high silver dispersed phase amalgam.

• Durable & less prone to tarnish due to high silver content 
• Advanced spherical alloy at an affordable price 
• Has lowest mercury ratio
(compared to other high silver dispersed phaseamalgams) 
• Zinc Free less sensitive to moisture

Physical Properties 
ProSilver has a high content of silver and copper evenly dispersed which offers superb handling quantities. 
Its high compressive strength ensures tough and long lasting restorations.

• Composition Ag 67.9%, Sn 18.8%, Cu 13.3%
• Particle Shape 80% Lathe cut 20% spherical
• Average Creep (7 days) 0.35%
• Average Dimensional Change +0. 80%
• Average Compressive Strength (1hr) 164 MPa
• Average Compressive Strength (24hr) 470 MPa

Conforms to: 
ISO 24234
Mercury and Alloys for dental amalgam

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