Covid-19 letter from Management

As COVID-19 spreads continuously impacting our daily lives, we hope you and your family members are not affected by the virus and in good health.

No doubt this will be over in a few months from now, but it will leave a big economy disaster that will effect most of us! With some sectors and small depended entities experiencing a vital hit. Although it is hard to plan ahead, clearly when this crises will be over there will be new opportunities for some of us, with demand for merchandise & services.

With air transportation limitations and other unexpected future restrictive laws, many vendors might have shortage of raw material that can cause backorders. We at Silmet took a risk and secured sufficient raw materials and primary packaging components in excess of forecast calculations. We will be able to get back to full production rate whenever conditions will allow.

Another challenge will be cash flow. Silmet is lucky to enter this situation with good capital reserves and will be happy to support our partners by extending payment terms. Taking into consideration all the above, we are urging you to stock up Silmet line & be in a strong position when time comes, special discounts are available depend on order size and group segments We hope for easier and safer days, and sure that with faith and strategic planing,we will all go through this crisis together stronger.

Stay safe,

Moshe Zalsman, GM