IDS 2023 - Silmet offers a high-quality dental cement line

Dental cement is the most used material for dental practice to secure dental crowns, bridges, and orthodontic brackets in place. It can also be used to repair broken or chipped teeth.

Its strong adhesion properties and biocompatibility make it critical to the success of many dental procedures. At IDS 2023 Silmet introduced a full range of advanced self-adhesive cements and adhesives featuring the latest monomer used in Dentistry (GPDM & MDP). This variety of cement types provides an ideal solution to every restorative material in any application condition, even in the most complicated cases. The products come in various sizes and different syringes to accommodate different mixing techniques. Meet our new products: ProGlass Plus Cem- Resin-modified glass ionomer cement. ProLink Cem- Self-adhesive resin cement. Prolink Cem Plus- Self-adhesive universal resin cement. ProVeneer Flow- Veneer Resin Cement.