March 31, 2024

Guidelines for Tritutating Dental Amalgam

Operate the amalgamator without a capsule in different speed options, if you can’t notice any real change in the speed of the machine when used in different end of the speed scale button, please avoid using this machine and report to the supervisor. Most likely that you won’t be able to achieve good mixing results with this machine.

• Tap the capsule base against the counter twice to make sure that the material is free to float before trituration .
• Pay careful attention that the capsule is properly inserted in the amalgamator fork. If the capsule is not 100% horizontal to the machine, the efficiency of the mix can be dramatically be effected
• If during operation the machine is making very loud noise or seems to change speed during operation, report to supervisor. There is usually a screw at the bottom of the machine to secure the amalgamator engine during transportation. Many times people forget to take this screw away before operation, which will result in very poor and noisy operation.
• If you open the capsule and no material comes out, please tap both base and cap of capsule against a counter, the mixed mass can be adhered to the inner walls of the capsule.
If this occur please reduce speed of trituration or time, the material was exposed to extra trituration.
• Feel the mixed material if it is hot or seem dry, reduce speed or time
• A good mix is when the material comes out from the capsule as a rounded ball and the surface look shiny . if you have problem getting good results please call our technical department (+972-3-5331474 Mrs. Ronit Tal)

Determining Mixing Times for Amalgam Method you can use to quickly and accurately determine the appropriate mixing time for your amalgam. One way of doing this is to follow the steps listed below:

• Set the triturator's mixing time for 6 seconds Make a mix and examine the amalgam for plasticity.

• If the amalgam is too dry and does not hold together, increase the mixing time by one-second increments, each time making a test mix and examining its plasticity. • When the first acceptable plastic mix is produced, increase the setting by two seconds and use that as the appropriate mixing time for that particular amalgam.

• Further adjustments of the mixing time may be necessary, however this gives you one way of determining a mixing time using an organized approach.