ProFil Finishing Kit

Autoclavable Finishing Burs

ProFil™ Finishing Kit is an esthetic restoration finishing method featuring morphological quality & fast restoration ability.
The set is designed to make the tough task of composite finishing significantly simpler, shorter and more efficient while giving excellent clinical results.

This set will enable the dentist to polish the composite without the need to use disc, paste or polisher. With the benefitof a reusable autoclavable solution that save cost over time.


• No need to use polishing discs / rubber polishers
• Faster work – 10-20 seconds instead of 3-5 minutes
• Much more cost effective – save up to 75%
• No bleeding - Doesn't cut the gingival
• Quick and easy learning curve
• Very durable

2 Step System

Use the purple bur to regain the anatomical shape of the tooth morphology

STEP 2 Use a bur with the same shape in white to achieve a smooth surface

Using the System

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ProFil – Finishing Kit