ProLink Universal

Universal Dental Adhesive

8th Generation - all in one universal bonding

ProLink Universal is a light-cure universal dental adhesive that combines etching, priming and bonding in one bottle.
It is an Ethanol/water based adhesive engineered for use for both direct and indirect restoratives.


• All in One / Single bottle - Minimal technique sensitivity.
• Total Universatility - Suitable for direct and indirect restoratives in all cure modes and any etching techniques
• Contains MDP and 4-MET - Forms a better double chemical adhesion
• Moisture and Humidity Tolerant - Improves the bond performance under variable humidity conditions and deep dentin
• Low film thickness
• Low Acidity

ProLink Universal is compatible with self or dual-cure composite and resin-based cements without an additional activator.


Shear Bond Strength (MPa)_> 10MPa
Film Thickness_<10
Acidity (pH)_2.8
Compatible with halogen light_Yes
Compatible with Plasma ark light lamp_Yes
Compatible with LED_Yes
Curing Time_5-20 seconds depending on light curing unit

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Bottle, 5ml

Bottle, 3ml