Polymer Reinforced Intermediate Restorative Material

ProZOE is a polymer reinforced intermediate restorative material intended for use as a temporary tooth filling in emergency treatments, as a base under amalgam and non-resin permanent restorations as well as a temporary cement for crowns and bridges.

ProZOE can also be used for sealing the coronal portion of teeth undergoing endodontic treatment and is also a suitable filling material for deciduous teeth (when permanent teeth are two years or less from eruption) and caries management programs.


Reinforcing agent
• Radiopaque
• Contains  Eugenol - a sedative effect on the pulp & thermal insulation

ProZoe, a Zinc oxide eugenol cement, has excellent physical properties  due to the integration of  polymer reinforcing agents.

• High compressive strength
• High tensile strength
• Low film thickness
• Low solubility and excellent abrasion resistance

Item Number



38g powder & 14ml liquid