ProFil Flow SE

Light-Cure Self Adhesive Flowable Composite
ProFil™ Flow SE is a light cure self-etching, self-adhesive, radiopaque, flowable composite. Combining  3 in one ProFil Flow SE features the  benefits of adhesive and restorative technology thus simplifying direct restorative procedures. With this flowable dental composite there is no need to bond separately, reducing steps and saving time.
ProFil Flow SE is faster, easier, safer and is the ideal restorative material for pediatric patients.

• Ready for use
• Etching, bonding and filling in one step
• Does not open dentin tubules
• Radiopaque
• Esthetic
• Increases profitability
• Ideal for pediatric patients

Inorganic filler particle size (d50 - d50)
0.02 - 2.3μm
Volume of inorganic fillers ca.
Working time (full operating light)
≥01:00 min.
Recommended thickness of layers
≤ 2 mm
Recommended curing time (LED-/ Halogen lamp)
≥ 20 sec.
Depth of cure (20s curing time)
≥ 2 mm
Flexural strength ( = transverse strength)
≥ 90 MPa
≥160% Al
Adhesion to enamel
≥ 3 MPa
Compressive strength
≥ 260 MPa
Water solubility
≤3 μg/mm3
Flexural modulus (= transverse modulus)
≥ 4 GPa
  1. Item Number (ID #)
  2. 164A01-SE
    2*2g A1
    2*2g A2
    2*2g A3
    2*2g A3.5
    2*2g B1
All contain application tips *20, brushes *20 + brush holder*1