Private Label / OEM Packing
Private Label / OEM Packing
Private Label / OEM Packing
Private Label / OEM Packing
Private Label / OEM Packing
Private Label / OEM Packing
Private Label / OEM Packing

Private Label Services

Private Label / Co-Brandig / OEM

Private Label and Co-Branding Services

As a private label / Co-Branding partner, Silmet specializes in the development and production of high quality dental restorative materials. Today Silmet is among the only dental manufacturers that produce in house a full range of restorative materials: Amalgam, Composites, Dental Adhesives, Glass Ionomer restorative and luting cements.

In addition, Silmet also develops and provides special products, optimized to meet special market needs.

Silmet is a business to business (B2B) supplier and considered a preferred restorative material source for Private Label, Co-Branding and OEM services by many dental manufacturers. 

Silmet Ltd. is MDSAP and ISO 13485:2016 certified and as a result, guarantees a consistent high standard of quality. All Silmet products are manufactured and tested in accordance with applicable standards, meet the European Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC and 510K registered with the Food and Drug Administration. 

In today's business environment, the challenges of bringing professional and consumer Dental products successfully and profitably to market have never been greater. These challenges are magnified when facing increasing costs and complications of using multiple vendors for development, manufacturing, packaging and fulfillment. 

Silmet provides turnkey services and end-to-end capabilities, significantly reducing time to market and improve profitability. With our vertically integrated capabilities, we can take your project all the way from concept to completed product with greater control and flexibility.

Our services include:

Co-Branding services
Co-Branding is a strategic partnership that provides a highly cost-effective way to build your brand, or introduce a new product with maintaining your exclusive presentation, we make special provisions to secure your commercial exclusive identity.

Silmet  has over 35 years of regulatory experience inthe different B2B services. We are qualified to help our customers develop and implementa co-branding program that includes obtaining Silmet logo/manufacturer mark and using it directly on your products while obtaining your exclusive brand name.
Co-Branding customers may keep selling their brand without the aggravation of any regulatory requirements or responsibility at all.

Among our customers to whom we offer Co-Branding services you can find: Septodont, Safina a.s. (Czech Republic)

Custom Product Development

With our in-house R&D, testing and prototyping capabilities, we offer total turnkey manufacturing from inception to final production of custom products. 

Contract Packaging 
We create plastic and carton packaging in full range of materials and sizes. Silmet also provides complete fulfillment services, including the rework and repackaging of existing products. Design of labels and IFU meeting regulation requirements 

If you have an idea, Silmet can help you turn it into a product. We provide consultation backed by a wide breadth of expertise in formulation, delivery options, regulatory compliance and other industry requirements. 

Using accurate and precise stereolithography (SLA) rapid prototyping technology, product prototypes can be quickly produced to meet today’s need for shortest time to market.


Silmet can help you develop precise formulations to meet your market needs. We can make alterations to existing formulas or custom blend new formulas in a wide array of categories. And develop various delivery methods for your formulas.


Silmet is proficient in projects of all sizes. Our extensive injection molding equipment can produce packages and deliveries ranging from small surgical tips and other precision products to convenient syringes, innovative delivery tips and unit-dose dispensers. We can offer: 

• Expert engineering and 3D designing utilizing Solid Works and CAD/CAM. 
• Various types of injection molding, including horizontal injection molding and vertical insert molding. 
• Multiple resins, including Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Polycarbonate, Silicones, Acrylics, TPE's and various exotics. 
• High to low volume production is available to meet your needs.


Using automated processes, Silmet can fill various deliveries of products including syringes, tubes, bulk cartridges and capsules with a wide variety of chemistries. 

• We offer tube filling as a turn-key, end-to-end process. All processes – formulation, mixing, filling and pack-out – are performed in house to ensure consistent quality and efficiency. Our tube filling machinery is capable of handling low to high viscosity materials, including pastes, gels, creams, lotions and liquids. 

• We are considered in this industry as one of few that have state of the art knowledge to dose non flow powders with different extrusion behavior of cohesive and non-cohesive powders with experience of understanding powders ability to switch from ‘good’ to ‘bad’ flowability, as such we have developed number of capsule solution and filling technologies, to deal with range of powders used in dentistry.


The packaging of a product has a major impact on the experience and satisfaction of the end-user, and is a direct extension of the manufacturer's brand. Numerous leading companies rely on Silmet to deliver packaging that meets their products in the best light. 

We have the technology to package a wide array of products into kits of any configuration and size, including large capacity trays. Our packaging capabilities include: 
• Thermoforming of a full range of materials – We can thermoform all of the standard materials – PET (recyclable), PLA (biodegradable), PVCS, HDPE and others. 
• Form-Fill-Seal – We offer thermoformed rigid blister packaging for perforated and multi packs. This process includes inline printing of artwork, variable text, full product descriptions, batch numbers, expiration dates and codes with the highest print quality.