ProGlass Plus Cem

Resin Modified Glass Ionomer Luting Cement

ProGlass Plus Cem is a self-etching dual cure permanent cementation solution resin modified luting cement that is ideal for everyday cementation use.

Formulated to deliver excellent handling properties and easy cleanup with tack cure capabilities ProGlass Plus Cem delivers outstanding bond strength to tooth structures and common substrates—significantly higher than with other RMGI products.


• Used in self-cure, light-cure, or dual-cure modes.
• No pretreatment required.
• Light cure option and rubbery consistency that allow easy removal of excess and shortens cleanup to seconds.
• Releases substantially higher fluoride to assist with remineralization of the natural dentition.
• No post-operative sensitivity.
• Moisture tolerant solution, when a dry field cannot be assured.
• Radiopaque and allows for useful diagnostic and excellent identification under x-ray.
• Does not require refrigeration.
• Low film thickness.

ProGlass Plus Cem is the perfect luting cement for retaining & sealing fixed prosthetic devices to prepared teeth

* Available also in a dual syringe with a mixing tip!


Compressive Strength_270 MPa
Flexural Strength_135 MPa
Compatible with halogen light_Yes
Compatible with Plasma ark light lamp_Yes
Compatible with LED_Yes
Shear bond strength
           Composite -dentin_12 MPa
           Composite -enamel_19 MPa
           Glass Ceramic - lithium disilicate_6 MPa
           Ceramic Aluminim oxide_8 MPa
           Metal_13 MPa
           Zirconia_9 MPa
Film Thickness_10μm
Working Time_3 min ± 30 secs
Setting Time ≤ 5 min
Average inorganic filler (by weight)_65 wt%

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Double barrel syringe, 9gr

Double barrel syringe, 3gr

Automix Syringe, 9gr

Automix Syringe, 3gr


Universal (UN)

Universal (UN)

Universal (UN)

Universal (UN)