Spherodon +®

100% Spherical Alloy, 56%Ag, High Copper, Non Gamma II

Spherodon+ is a single composition ultra -fine spherical ternary.
This formulation utilizes modern resin technology that offers unique dimensional stability and resistance to corrosion.

• Special controlled compositions are available and developed according to design procedures in compliance to ISO 13485:2012


• 100% spherical particles
• Superb compressive and tensile strength
• Decreases micro leakage
• Easy handling and smooth carving
• Extra low mercury alloy ratio

Physical Properties
Spherodon + exhibits high compressive strength due to its unique formulation. This is achieved by spraying inert nitrogen under high pressure to produce a fine spherical powder.

Composition: Ag 56%, Sn 28.8%, Cu 15.2%
Particle Shape: 100% spherical
Average Creep: (7 days) 0.062%
Average Dimensional Change: +0.01%
Average Compressive Strength: (1hr) 171 MPa
Average Compressive Strength: (24hr) 485 MPa

Conforms to:
ISO 24234
Mercury and alloys for dental amalgam

Item Number

O-130471 / O-131471

O-130472 / O-131472

O-130473 / O-131473

O-130491 / O-131491

O-130492 / O-131492

O-130493 / O-131493


50 Capsules, 1 SPILL

50 Capsules, 2 SPILL

50 Capsules, 3 SPILL

500 capsules, 1 SPILL

500 capsules, 2 SPILL

500 capsules, 3 SPILL